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The YouTube channel for all New World Rebels.

Welcome to New World Rebels. This channel has been created as a meeting point for the ever growing resistance to the NWO. There are many great channels here, but they are scattered. The NWO agenda is to divide and conquer. NWR is meant to be a statement of intent - nothing more. We are not here for ego - we simply want to pass good info to as many as we can. I act as an administrator to build friends and contacts. There's no individual looking to get famous on YouTube. For years, they have used mass media as a tool against us. Now we can do the same. A single complaint will be ignored - a million, however, will be noticed. We need to de-program the programmed. If you're happy on your knees, go watch the latest distractions. If you're ready to stand up and be counted - make yourself known. If we aren't what you're looking for, please join one, or all, of the other great Resistance channels. This is only the beginning...

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

The Cops won't help us.
The Army won't help us.
The Government won't help us.
But if we can come together as one.
It would take a thousand armies to defeat us.

W e W i l l W i n

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